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In the lone night…

In the dark night
When no lights flicker on the roads
The moon and stars agone
When the feet are tired of walking
And the eyes bored of seeing the dark
When it feels as if the road will never end
And the sun won’t ever shine nor the will the flowers bloom

You will find a firefly light your way
Following you everywhere
Its light will be small,
But enough to open doorways of life
Its buzz will be soft,
But loud enough to scurry away the silence.

In that long night
When the silence on the road
Will hurt your ears
When you will hear no leaves rustle
Or the sand blow
Only the sound of you walking will exist

You will find a tree with a beautiful bird
It will sing to you songs of serenity
Its voice will accompany you to eternity
And the melodies of love will ring in your head
And the silence of the lone night
Will be long gone.

In that long night
When your hands are cold
And your path too damp
When your teeth chatter
And when your mind grows numb
When the chilly winds circle you

You will find a hand-
Soft and warm,
Hold you every time you shiver
And you will feel the fireworks of love
Do their magic in your cold body
Then blood will gush in your dry cheeks
Bringing to you life and gay.

In that lone, long night,
You’ll always find a friend.

Happy Friendship Day🌈

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He held me close
To his chest
And a tear fell
On my little face.

He whispered
Under his breath
That the newborn in his arms
Was his life from now till death.

While mother swaddled me
Close to her breast
Sang me lullabies
And gave me her best.

Somebody was away
Toiling at the office
Working over time
And never getting tired.

For he wanted
To give me the most beatiful toys
For he wanted to buy me a dress
In which I would gleam.

Somebody was away
Working on weekends
Not taking a cab home

For he wanted
To buy me chocolates
For he wanted
To buy me all the books I needed.

Somebody was away
Fighting his battles alone,
Neglecting his sickness
And still smiling.

For he wanted
To see me smiling
For he wanted
To give me all he couldn’t get.

Somebody was away
Ignoring his dreams
Somebody was away
Putting away his desires.

For he had
Somebody else’s desires to fulfill.
For he had
Somebody else’s dreams to live.

All his life
From black to grey hair
All he knew
Was to love and care.

He is a FATHER
who lives for his children
And who will die for them
An angel to protect them
Every now and then.
Happy Fathers’ Day🌻

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No Wonder

Flow ,like the sand
With the wind
See where it takes you
No wonder,it takes you
To the eternal,shining rivers
And gives you what you long for.

Fall,like the stars
and tear through the air
No wonder somebody
Wishes on you
No wonder you land in the cosmic beauty.

Fly,like the wind
No wonder you change
Into a storm and take down
All that comes your way
No wonder you become the benevolent beauty.

Fight,like a knight
No wonder you win battles
You never thought
You could live through
No wonder you become a conqueror.

Finesse everything
For no wonder what you do
No wonder

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Do you hear?

Do you hear the birds chirrup

At the break of dawn?
Have you heard the songs they sing
In the morning beyond the bawn?
Oh, haven’t you ever felt
How they wake you up everyday,
And sing to you beguiling melodies
And bring you liveliness and gay.

Do you hear the wind whoosh
near your ear and tickling thee
Doesn’t it make you laugh
And fill you with glee?

Do you hear the clouds rumble
Full of fury and rage?
And then cry to you ‘pitter-patter’
And look down to you and daze?
Oh, haven’t you ever felt
That they want you to soothe them,
Pacify their souls
And cure their scars and wem.

Do you hear the wolves howl
In the lone night,
And the cicadas click far away
while you sleep tight?
Oh, haven’t you ever felt
That they tell you about their day,
They bicker all night
And go back to work when done with all they had to say.

I hear them day and night
I hear the poetry they sing to me
I hear them at sundown and daylight
For I love their songs and melodies.

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The Occult of Reading Books

Entwined, entangled
My soul with this feeling-
Forgets the world around it,
It gets out of the fool’s paradise
And dives deep down
Away from the people that surround it.

Into an ocean of unknown people –
I dive, to discover who they are
And to unravel their secrets,
They want me to know ’em
I let them talk and giggle and cry
And I listen and wash away all their regrets.

Sometimes I grow numb and petrified
Sometimes horror-stricken,
And I roar with laughter
And cry often, if I get too smitten.

Oft I feel like it is my story
Recurrently, I can relate-
to the pain and sorrow.
And with them, I weep and prate.

These people may not be real
But they are more than that to me,
For they open up their hearts
And that is what fills me with glee.

These people may just be mere words
On the bundle of parchments in my hand,
But these mere bundles of yellow crinkly pages
are the only reason of my happy existence on this land.

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I take pride…

Opening my midget eyes

Here’s where I found myself

From grappling to speak to learning to walk

I discovered ‘me’ here itself.

The land-

It seems as if it belongs to me

The air-

It fills me with glee

 The tricolour-

It flutters to make me proud

The diversity-

Is meant to astound

The sand-

Speaks of how the land has suffered

The flag-

Speaks of how throughout the struggle it has fluttered.

War and bloodshed

This place has seen all

But because of love and tranquility

It did not fall

It stands impregnable

Protecting its children,

Shielding from every pain

It shelters its citizens.

I take pride

In being Indian

I take pride 

In being born in this nation

I bow my head in respect

To this great realm

I salute the great nation

Which fills me with whelm.

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Dare to defeat

The most dreadful dreams

That make you hollow

And amongst the dulls,you will gleam.

Dare to fight

The most dangerous battle

That  vanquishes-

All who make you rattle.

Dare to jump

Over the highest mountains,

Dare to leave behind

Your weakness and pains.

Dare to sing 

The most beguiling melody,

That makes you stronger

And cures all maladies.

Dare to be 

Whatever you desire

And the spark within you 

Will soon be a fire.

It’s ‘you’ who has to step up

It’s ‘you’ who has to change,

Tomorrow awaits the arrival of a new you

And it’s high time you come out of your cage!

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Thirty Bucks

A glowing autumn noon

And the sun glimmering like a gem in the sky,

The chirruping little birds were at rest

In no want to come out and fly.

There,I see a tri-vehicle coming by

A brown-old man struggling to drive,

I stop him and ask for

If he would take me three miles away

He agreed to thirty bucks and began to thrive.

A thirty bucks-

For there were lanterns to light up back at his place,

And no fancy chandeliers to glow

For there were empty-stomached children with a pale face.

For there was his lady

Waiting for bangles to adorn her empty wrists,

For there were broken roofs to repair

And happiness to earn which lay in bits.

His torn shirt spoke of his life-

Scattered in pieces and just in the toil to survive

And the sweat dripping down his face

Shouted of his constraint

His dark-toned skin

Whispered of the heat he faced

All this pain,all these afflictions,

For what? Thirty bucks?

All this toil and agony,

For what?Waking up by the cluck, for what?

As I sat with tranquil 

With a roof over my head

Protecting me from the bright sun

All these thoughts crawled into my head

Of how his gray hair would withstand the calefaction

And of how his pedaling feet might ache,

And how his hands might be bruised,

With putting me into this muddle,

The ride came to an end

I gave him thirty-bucks 

And an extra ten.

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Set Me Free

With the limitless imagination I carry,

Don’t ask me not to over think.

With the burden I carry in my heart

Don’t ask me to consider the wrongs the rights.

With the things I face everyday

Don’t ask me to shush

With the sick society

Don’t ask me to sacrifice my mights.

Set me free

And let me flutter my wings,

Let me see how far the sky goes

Let me see the the things it brings.

Let me roar with the clouds up there

Let me cry with them

Let me belong to the sky

Let me be one of ’em.
With the weight of the million things I carry

Don’t ask me not to fall,

With the feel of a bird whose wings have been mercilessly cut,

Don’t ask me to give up, I’d rather crawl.

So set me untrammeled

And let me admire the beauty of the cosmos,

Let me tear and trot

Rid me off this tenacious world and don’t let me rot.

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Break The Walls

Brick-by-brick and inch-by-inch made

The wall,now stands tall,

Difficult to rupture

But not infeasible to make it fall.


On one side stand the Hindus

On the other stand the Muslim,

On one side stand the Christian

On the other stand the Sikh.


With weapons in their hands

Not to break the walls

But to kill each other

And to put them into palls.


No wonder one day

These walls become of steel

and maybe it will be too late

For you to realize what’s wrong and feel.


And then the walls will shout at you

For all you do and did,

And soon will be a day

When you would want to be free and get rid.


But then the walls will cachinnate at you

For the self-destruction you made,

And sooner will be the day

When no longer soothing will be the wall’s shade.


It’s less ill to put a crack today

Instead of repenting morrow,

It’s better to break the walls today

To prevent by-and by’s sorrow.